What Clients Say

“We have worked with Executech for several years. They have been a major source of talent acquisition for our company for positions from VP level to individual contributors. They understand not only our position requirements, but our company culture and long-terms goals as well.”

“I have used Executech several times over the last few years with great success. They understand the requirements and only submit those candidates who meet those specific requirements.”

What Candidates Say

“Phil Vecchione, President of Executech recruited me for my current and probably last position. He was instrumental in helping me to fully appreciate the opportunity. He was an integral and knowledgeable contact from the time he recruited me until the time I started my new position. I strongly recommend Mr. Vecchione and the Executech team.”

“I found Executech very easy to work with. They assisted me in my search for a new position and helped me through the entire process. They understand the difficulties of the job search process and helped me each step of the way.”